RSTF 2020: Traffic Safety Culture and Health

By Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission (other events)

Monday, December 7 2020 2:00 PM 4:00 PM

This meeting will continue the RSTF’s focus on traffic safety culture, looking at the role of heath in particular. Each RSTF meeting focuses on a critical road safety issue facing the Delaware Valley region. In 2020, the RSTF is dedicating our four meetings to the issue of changing traffic safety culture in the region. This meeting will feature presentations on the role of health policy in shaping traffic safety culture. Throughout the meeting, RSTF members will brainstorm ways to shift the traffic safety culture in the region.

Established in September 2005, the Regional Safety Task Force brings together a multi-disciplinary group of professionals to identify safety goals, strategies and resources. The goal of the Task Force is to build and maintain effective partnerships with the purpose of reaching zero casualties from crashes in the region.

Featured Presenter

  • Sarah Shaughnessy, MPH, MCRP, Community Health Planner, Richmond City Health Department

Local Panel

  • Stanton B. Miller, MD, MPH, FACS, Executive Director, Jefferson Center for Injury Research and Prevention
  • Tracy Nerney, RN, Trauma Injury Prevention Coordinator, Jersey Shore University Medical Center
  • David Saunders, Director, Office of Health Equity, Pennsylvania Department of Health

RSTF Goal: To reduce roadway crashes and eliminate serious injuries and fatalities from crashes in the Delaware Valley

Mailing Address

190 N Independence Mall West 8th Floor Philadelphia, PA 19106